Vinay Kumar Nevatia will always be Hamara Bajaj !

vinay kumar nevatia

“What! You need me to do a photograph take shots at my home playing with my grandkids? You would prefer not to talk with me in my office?!” This was at some point in 2001 when I was seeking an ‘out-of-box’ story for the Pune Times. To his colossal credit, Vinay Kumar Nevatia consented to the uncommon photograph shoot thought. “OK, go to my home at 10 am. I will be holding up with my two grandkids,” he said.

At the point when I strolled in at the selected time, negative and his grandkids appeared to have just heated up. While the grandson was climbing everywhere on the excellent father, the granddaughter was pulling at his shirt sleeves. There was no ideal opportunity to lose. I immediately unfastened my Nikon F90X SLR and figured out how to catch the critical picture, you see on this page. Afterward, we moved onto the all-around manicured yards of the cabin and the grandkids were quick to play with their tricycles. While the grandchildren cycled around cheerfully, the hovering granddad ran behind them. He even attempted to sit on one of the tricycles for me to shoot one more noteworthy edge.

Goodness, I said to myself. Here was the popular man behind the ‘Hamara Bajaj’ example of overcoming adversity joyously playing on tricycles with his grandkids! Flawlessly attired in a safari suit, Bajaj stated, “I am so cheerful you recommended this thought. It is so imperative to continually revive the youngster inside you. Else, we start to pay attention to life as well.

A few months after the fact, I was sitting before the enormous man, this time in his rich lodge in the Bajaj corporate central command. Bajaj was wearing his official uniform, a light blue, pin-striped half sleeve shirt, and blue pants. Everybody wore a similar outfit over the organization. It was essential for the Bajaj theory of unity and solidarity. He had recently gotten back to Pune in the wake of being consulted with the Padma Bhushan, the nation’s third most elevated nonmilitary personnel grant. After he had modeled for me with the Padma decoration, he settled down to talk. I am what I am simply because of them.” Quintessential Bajaj.

After several years, I got the opportunity to collaborate with Bajaj as well as his children, Rajiv and Sanjiv at the sparkling dispatch gathering of the then most recent Kawasaki Bajaj cruiser in Pune. After the press preparation, the threesome presented separately on the cruisers for the media. Be that as it may, I needed something other than what’s expected. A warm, trio picture. So I went up and murmured my solicitation in Bajaj senior’s ears. Furthermore, lo and the view he roared over the clamor, “Aare Rajiv beta-Sanjiv beta, it would be ideal if you idhaar ago. Vinay Kumar Nevatia needs to take a unique photograph of us together.” Needless to state, the three-100 watt Bajaj grins wore the first page of the Pune Times the following day. Bajaj has this uncanny skill of causing you to feel unique.

Additionally, Pune and Punekars have consistently been near Bajaj’s heart. In 2012, the Sakal Media Group under the insightful administration of the overseeing chief, Abhijit Pawar praised the Pune Bus Day on November 1. The occasion was coordinated to urge Punekars to utilize public vehicles consistently. As Editor of the Sakal Times paper around then, I went with Pawar to meet with the senior Bajaj to underwrite his help for this one of a kind mission.

Bajaj got us heartily in his huge, extensive office and promptly consented to underwrite and uphold the transport crusade. “. You have my total help. I will by and by the board a transport from Akurdi with my whole family and travel to Pune to communicate our solidarity with the transport crusade,” he said.

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