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Top 10 best memes of 2020 ( Meme Rewind – 2020 )

Meme Calendar having latest meme trend from different months of 2020

Top 10 best memes of 2020 ( Meme Rewind – 2020 ) 2020 was unfortunate, but thankfully we had entertaining memes to get us through. The World Needs Funny Memes: Ten Best 2020 memes with the Latest Trends. There is One month Left This year has been bumper-packed with hilarious humor… And all kinds! Below are the funniest trends from an eclectic collection that will keep you laughing from January 28 – December 10, 2020. Enjoy for fun as 2020 By just reading this blog Here is some hand-picked best viral meme of 2020  just for you.

1-Ananya Pandey memes – (Struggle)

Ananya Pandey meme one of the Top 10 best memes of 2020Recently, Ananya Pandey, who is about to make her debut, appeared with Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria, two actors in the upcoming film ‘Student of the Year 2’. She is the daughter of Chunkey Pandey, a well-known figure in the Bollywood industry. Now, the three have appeared on Karan’s talk show to discuss their new film and are sharing some secrets. Here, by keeping the tradition of asking popular questions, Karan has been able to stir up controversy about Nepotism.

2-Crime Patrol Memes – (Satark Rahe Saavdhan Rahe)

Annop Soni Meme saying Savdhan Rahe Satark Rahe in one of the Top 10 best memes of 2020Crime Patrol is probably the only Indian TV show that enters the world of thought and consultation yet, we don’t know how Anup Soni managed to be a reality in all the crime scenes for sure. No matter how subtle and ugly the show is, the internet has found a way to dig deeper into it.

3- Zomato Guy meme (Mere Pass kyu aa rahe ho)

Zomato Guy Meme with Smiley face trending in Top 10 best memes of 2020The smile of Zomato’s partner who walks Sonu walks through the crowd like crazy! Not only his smile but his view of a life of contentment and happiness in all circumstances is the most appealing attraction to this figure. The widely circulated video shows him with his wide smile as he talks and shares his daily Zomato money. During the video, she was asked a number of questions and answered them with all joy and honesty. He also mentioned that he earns about Rs.350 / – per day including incentives and has nothing to complain about.

4-Neha Dhupiya meme- (Its Her Choice)

Neha Dhupiya Meme Image On roadies is in Top 10 best memes of 2020Actress Neha Dhupia faces strong criticism from social media users for her views on girls with multiple boyfriends. Neha is currently part of MTV’s ‘Roadies Revolution.’ It so happened that a contestant revealed an incident from his life that his girlfriend had 5 boyfriends at the same time and when he came to know about it, he beat his girlfriend by cheating on her. Upon hearing this, Neha Dhupia lashed out at the contestant and revealed that having 5 boyfriends was the girl’s will and the boy did the wrong thing by slapping her.

5-Carryminati Roast Amir memes- (200 me bik jaayega)

YCarryminati Roast Amir Siddique meme is one of the Top 10 best memes of 2020ouTuber CarryMinati has been very popular on social media, especially after his TikTok roasting video. You’ve got a huge following by following on Twitter and often, you get to the top list for one reason or another. There are already trolls too! In this case, CarryMinati took the lead on Twitter thanks to his latest video titled ‘The Art of Bad Words’. Top 10 best memes of 2020 and his title is enough to suggest that the video is full of cuss words. Now that this video has hit the internet, meme makers have a great time commenting on carry and his art of using bad words.

6-Binod Memes-

Slay Point Binod Origin is greatest in Top 10 best memes of 2020The Youtube channel ‘Slayy Point’ has made a funny video that proves that commenting on the Youtube comment section makes no sense and can make you go to ‘Kuch Bhi’ when you read. To illustrate this they gave an example of a man Binod Tharu writing his name Binod in every comment. Binod Tharu has a YouTube account but no videos. His activities on Youtube were limited to watching various videos on Youtube and commenting on ‘Binod’ on videos. The video became very popular overnight and ‘Binod’ became popular on all social media platforms.

7-Sath Nibhana Sathiya meme- (Rasode me Kon tha)

Yasharaj Mukhatey Remix Of Sathiya Instagram and its memeThe latest trending social media video and a combination of ‘rap’ scene from Indian Daily Soap Sath Nibhana Sathiya are making people go crazy. The rape of ‘Rasode me Kaun tha’ has now become a national theme and dominates the public supply of communication. The series follows the story of Kokila Modi-family matriarch as she tries to make her daughter-in-law a confident woman. Aurangabad singer Yashraj Mukhate, who recorded and sang in the video, has been infected for several days.

8-Oo Maa Goo Turu Love-

Bengoli Child Viral Meme video Saying OO ma Goo Turu Love ImageTikTok may not be available in India yet but that hasn’t stopped people from making any funny videos. Each day, we see a lot of funny videos, some jokes taking place, and drawings shared online. Now a small bang for a Bengali boy in couples is spreading when the little one says ‘Turu Love’ for ‘True Love’. His slogan “Oh My God Love True” is called “Oo Ma Go Turu Love” and that has become a big hit. The video is not the only viral. but top 10 best memes of 2020 and some people have edited some clips using a thin line. So “Oo Maa Go Turu Love” is a new version of the virus.

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