How to avoid injury while exercising?

In these few years, people have become more aware of exercising benefits and they start to exercise hoping to keep their body fit, healthy and reduce the chance of illness and that is why you should begin to exercise. You should start to develop exercise as a habit, make it a regular part of your life. That will make it easier for you to keep it as you get older. Go to the gym schedule one day in the week to play any sport that you like with friends or family. Exercise will take a place in your life whether you were a child it helps you to function better in school or you were an elderly it prevents you from falling and keep your balance improving.

Exercise is not confined to a certain group of people, you can exercise no matter what age you are, but you should know what is exercise confined to is how? How do you exercise?

Exercising has its risks such as injuries and accidents to participants. People with a high chance of sports injuries are with a high level of exposure, improper technique, poor proprioception, muscle weaknesses.

Most injuries or accidents that can result from exercise are non-life-threatening however they may result in pain, disability, serious medical conditions, and sometimes in dysfunction in the short and long-term. That is why you need to exercise correctly so you do not hurt yourself while you train. Injuries to joints can increase the chance of developing osteoarthritis and therefore avoiding injuries is essential.

Do not be afraid once you start exercising you will master it and know how to avoid injury.

Now let us talk about how to avoid injury while exercising?

For optimal experience, here are some great tips:

1- Wear appropriate, fit clothes so it can not restrict your movement
2- Do not work out an empty stomach.


Good nutrition is essential for anyone who takes part in the exercise. It may not be the first common effect that you think of but your diet can help your muscle to recover. A well-balanced diet is what helps you to build a strong body structure.

A.Eat fruit and vegetables a day.
B.Your meals should be based on starchy carbohydrates, whole grain preferably, Small amounts of dairy.
C.Protein: whether a supplement or in food.
D.Unsaturated oils and spreads in small amounts.
E.Decrease amount of foods high in fat, salt, and sugar
F.Drink plenty of water: calculate your need for water per day by this formula:

From 18-54 years old (35x your weight in kg) = water in mL
From 55-65 years old (30x your weight in kg)= water in mL
From 66 and above (25x your weight in kg) = eater in mL

3- You need to exercise correctly and master the move in front of a mirror to observe yourself if mistaken in a move. This is a crucial step so you avoid injury

4- Relax don’t stress yourself during the exercise if you feel dizzy, stop for a moment so you don’t fall and injure yourself.

5- Take some breaks in between the exercise
6- Don’t force yourself to exercise while you feel pain or injured.
7- Cooldown 10-15 minutes.
8- Take a time off have at least a one-off day per week to help your muscle to recover
Rest (Sleep):

Sometimes the body does not get enough time to fully rest. It is well known that it need to rest between exercise, lack of rest, and muscle fatigue will increase an individual’s risk of obtaining an injury.

You need to get between 8 to 9 hours of good sleep to be well-rested. In order to achieve your goal. If you do not meet the required amount of rest you are not preparing yourself well for any physical activity that they plan to take part in. lack of rest may lead to burnout (overtraining syndrome):
Overtraining syndrome is a condition where reduced rest results in maladapted physiology following excessive exercise. There are some common signs of overtraining which are:
systemic inflammation, consequent changes in the central nervous system, neurohormonal changes, and decrease in mood may occur to people who over train themselves

How to treat an injury?

If you had an injury while you exercise stop the exercise immediately,
Rest on your sofa check if it is a massive injury or if there is any blood you need to contact with 911 if not it means you are good but you need to rest and use the RICE technique:

Rest for a couple of days until the pain resolves.
• Ice: put ice on the injured part to decrease swelling.
• Compression: use a compression band to decrease pain, swelling.
• Elevation: elevate the injured body part.

Not all injuries require medical attention but if the pain increases with the time you should see a sports injury physiotherapist or a physician.

After injury:

A training program that includes a variety rather than constant repetition can help in reducing the stress on the body.

You need to strengthen your muscle gradually to get back in the game but with some precautions so the injury does not get worse.

Start a low-intensity exercise gradually until you be able to do high-intensity exercise.

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