What is Painless hair Reduction Technology?

Painless hair Reduction technology is the next generation laser hair removal system. It is a simple and easy-to-use permanent hair removal solution that uses cutting-edge new technology and is often described as one of the most comfortable laser hair removal options available today.

Painless hair removal by wearing infrared diode laser energy pulses gradually heat the hair follicles in the subcutaneous layer of the hair skin until they can no longer produce new hair. With the unique IN-Motion technology and patented DualChill treatment head, your skin surface stays cool and comfortable. Sweeping also eliminates omissions or omissions common to other types of laser hair removal.

Painless Hair Reduction In Mumbai  is suitable for any areas with excessive hair, except for the eye area. Laser works best on thick black hair and reduces them to the point where most of them are completely removed, and the remaining few become noticeably thinner and invisible. Laser hair removal has become a guaranteed, painful and feasible hair loss technique.​​ The standard selection. Elegance is similar to clinical signs. It is the classic system most often mentioned. Laser Hair Reduction improves the personal satisfaction of patients when visiting a doctor.

Why considering laser hair removal might be a smart idea?

  • Longer hair cycle
  • Reduce hair thickness.
  • Reliable results.
  • Easier

. • Eliminate ingrown hairs to form a smooth skin surface. •

Eventually it will become more cunning-heavy use of shaving cream, waxing, hair removal procedures, razors have all been sacrificed. Damaged hair shaft and roots. The laser only damages the hair that is in the advancing time of the hair cycle, and the rest of the hair that is not in the enhancement stage will not be hurt. In this sense, we need 6 to 8 treatment courses, depending on the part of the body. The required meeting depends on the part of the organization being processed. When separated from the face and upper lip, the back, armpits, and legs need less gathering. Begin to hold 2-3 meetings a month, and then expand the opening hours between meetings due to reduced activities. Safety measures taken in front of the frame: stop tanning or use sunscreen . Stop winnowing, hanging, and waxing to ensure that the hair shaft is fixed. Don’t blur, because the presence of shadows is an absolute requirement to complete the treatment. The area to be treated must be properly cleaned, with any oil or makeup. Experts should be instructed on the use of any drugs, lasers, substance strips, or any other clinical issues. During the operation: Since the damage to the hair follicle is due to heat, you may feel a slight problem, such as feeling hot spurs. The nuisance is limited by the ice cooling tip. After the technique, the chills and redness may last for two to three hours. The redness and swelling usually disappear within 72 hours.

Steps taken after Painless Hair Reduction:

Amazing transparency away from the sun; a respected sunscreen is an absolute must. Do not hang, wax, or separate in the conference center. It should be possible to shave between meetings. Avoid excessive scrubbing, peeling and cleaning within 7 days. Avoid hot steam, saunas and showers for two days.

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